Pep and Pals!


Welcome to Pep and Pals! We are a kids educational channel where little ones can come to  play and learn! Pep and Pals is the perfect place for kids aged 2-6 to learn and grow while having fun! Our channel features a wide range of educational and entertaining videos, including songs, dances, art, and fundamental learning activities that will keep your kids engaged and excited. Jump on the Friendship to visit one of our interesting guests, or go on a fun adventure with Pep! At Pep and Pals, we encourage kids to be authentically themselves and focus on the joy of creativity and imagination. 

We know that kids learn more when they're having fun, and that's why our videos are designed to be both entertaining and educational. Our talented team of educators and performers work tirelessly to create engaging content that will help your child develop essential skills like problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our team is dedicated to creating engaging videos that help children develop essential skills, all while having fun and learning through play!

Pep and Pals is also great for parents! These days we all spend a little too much time in front of a screen and we know screentime can be a concern and source of anxiety for many busy parents! This is why Pep and Pals carefully designs content that is healthy and beneficial to kids. From our “Learning with Pep” segments to “Storytime with Pip” each of our shows is written, performed and produced with researched backed data and your little ones growing minds as our top priority. We also get kids up and moving with our dance videos and interactive strategies to keep kids active. If it’s good for kids…you will find it here!

We all know the world needs more positivity and joy and the little ones are our future. Pep and Pals is here to help guide the way!